Essay on Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a psychological condition that occurs after a traumatic event. In the DSM-IV, it is characterized under anxiety disorders. Some common symptoms include, but are not limited to, intense fear, reliving the experience, persistent avoidance, numbing, diminished interest, and increased arousal. In order to be diagnosed, these symptoms need to be present for more than one month. Subsequently there are many types of treatment for this disorder. In particular the ones that will be discussed in depth are cognitive-behavioral therapy, pharmacotherapy, and lastly treatment for children and adolescents.

To begin, the most widely practiced form of therapy for the treatment of PTSD is cognitive-behavioral
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Another equally important technique is self-talk. Zayfer and Becker (2008) write the following on why fears persist even though the danger is past:
The second factor that maintains your posttrauma distress is the presence of unhelpful negative thoughts. After the traumatic experience(s), you may have learned to expect bad things to happen in your life. Given your experience(s), it makes sense that you would adopt a negative outlook on life. Such an outlook may be unhelpful in that it may foster excessively negative thoughts and expectations that tend to maintain posttrauma distress. (p.106)

By encouraging positive self-talk, it leads the client to positive thoughts, which reduces their sense of fear to the stimuli. Furthermore, some other great techniques involve cognitive therapy, in which the sessions focus on the interpretation of the events rather than the events themselves as the source of emotional reactions (Asmundson et al., 2009, p.70). Cognitive behavioral therapy has been found to have highly effective and can provide tools that can be carried on into the clients day to day lives.

Pharmacotherapy, which is treating the disorder with medication, is commonly used route of choice. It is believe that PTSD is linked to extreme alterations in many psychobiological systems that have evolved for coping adaption, and survival (Foa, Keane, & Friedman, 2000, p. 84). According to Foa, Keane, and Friedman (2000), some of the abnormalities that

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