Tourism and Festivals in a Community Essay

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How a community responds to the opportunities and challenges of tourism and festival depends to a large extent on its attitude to the respective industry. Values and beliefs held by individuals in a community are inextricably linked and shape people’s attitudes and the way they act in specific situations (Derrett, 2005: 40). Derrett (2005) says that values, interests and aspirations of individuals are influenced by their natural environment. How this leads to a sense of community that influences how the community celebrates; that affects the community’s wellbeing, which is shared with visitors who in turn interact with host community; they now have a shared image and identity to reflect and determine their values and beliefs. Derrett …show more content…
This is further illustrated by the three contact situations which can influence local values and attitudes (de Kadt 1979: 50):
I. When the tourist purchases a good or service from a resident.
II. When the tourist and resident find themselves side by side at an attraction such as beach or golf course, or a local activity, such as a festival or nightclub.
III. When the two parties come face to face with the object of exchanging information and ideas. de Kadt (1979) suggest that the first two instances – the transitory and commercial exchange (I and II) far outweighs the third. As outlined by Ryan (1991), “Tourism often puts a way of life, culture and values at tremendous risk”. Ethically speaking, tourist should be conscious, the residents will formulate opinions about the country he/she is coming from. Consequently, local inhabitants should be viewed on equal terms, and not as objects, for it is forbidden to manipulate, humiliate or take unfair advantage of them, regardless of their level of education, color of skin or customs (Singh et al 2003: 143).
The economic impact of festival and tourism are often perceived positively by the residents. Festival and Tourism acts as a catalyst to help decrease unemployment by creating new job opportunities (Liu, Sheldom & Var, 1986), Improve the nations cheque-book and help bring a balance of payments (Dogan, 1987). Tourism if not well planned and controlled, may lead to

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