Community Church

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In a community, people are seeking the same goal or purpose. Also, they are working to

improve themselves, and their community to have benefits in the future. Achieving their

goals can take long, but the members also enjoy to dedicate their time participating in their

activities. One great example is a community church. Next, I am going to provide three

cases of people who are involved in this kind of community. They have in essential the

same goal, and have similar thoughts or experiences.

The first member is Erika. She told me about her experience of being part of a church. Her

parents were going to the church before she was born, and they taught to her to love god.

But, when she was younger she didn’t like it to go to the church until she started getting
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Even though the life is hard, she can feels relieved when she prays. She

always work hard to do her best about following the Ten Commandments of the Bible. That

is the reason why she participates a lot in her church community. She is a very dedicated person, but she has to do some sacrifices to be a very active member. She states:

‘’Sometimes has been hard to me being apart from my family because I am busy attending

church. I have to sacrifice part of my time to do both activities’’. But, one of the benefits to

dedicate her time to God is she can feel motivated, and peaceful. God helps to her to don’t

follow a wrong way in the life. In addition, Monica likes being part of their community

because she can work with children. She teaches to me them about God. Monica really

enjoys this activity. Furthermore, she can make friends with the parents of the children and

the members of the community.

In conclusion, a community helps in some way in the lives of their members. They do their

best to achieve a goal. Being part of a community, can provide very positive benefits as I

mentioned before in those examples about people participating in. Erika, Yessenia,

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