Therapeutic vs. Reproductive Cloning Essay

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For decades, cloning was merely a topic mentioned in the text of science fiction novels. It was simply a fictitious fantasy that proved to only be for entertainment purposes. However, while all those novels and films were being produced, a multitude of scientists attempted to make what society thought of as a dream, into a reality. The science of cloning is the process of making genetic duplicate of an organism. The scientific history of cloning spans more than 100 years dating back to 1885, and still going strong today. In general, there are two main purposes for cloning: therapeutic or reproductive. Reproductive cloning is performed with the intent of making a complete organism. Therapeutic cloning is performed to harvest stem cells for …show more content…
Although controversial and constantly debated, with the help of reproductive cloning, one can clone an organ that an organism may need, causing the organism to ultimately survive longer.
Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT) is the scientific name for the process of cloning. Clones made through SCNT are produced the same way; the only difference is what is done with the cloned embryos once they are created. Therapeutic cloning is intended for medical use. The therapeutic process mainly attempts to harvest embryonic stem cells for use in medical treatment, not to duplicate the organism. The embryonic stem cells are cells found in embryos that are currently developing and can be used to produce other cells. The therapeutic cloning process involves taking out the embryonic stem cells from the developing embryo causing the embryo to die. Once this is complete, disease-free cells are then taken from the medical patient and the nucleus is extracted. The cell is then transferred into an empty donor egg stimulated to divide using chemicals or electrical shock (“Therapeutic Cloning”). The resulting cells are known as blastocyst and are used to treat the patient.
There are many benefits that can come from therapeutic cloning. This process can be used to create cells, tissues, and organs for patients in need. Therapeutic cloning stem cells can develop into skin for burn victims, organs

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