Embryo Research Argumentative Essay

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A human embryo is the early entity that results from fertilization of an egg by sperm, and consists of undifferentiated embryonic stem cells that have potential for research, therapies, or to even develop into human beings (Sagan, 3). However, ethical concerns present themselves when research or therapies that require stem cells destroy the embryo in the process, questioning the moral status of the embryo. In their article, Sagan and Singer claim that stem cells and embryos do not deserve moral status and using them for research is justifiable. In opposition of their view, Lee and George argue that embryos deserve moral status because of their ability to develop into a rational natured person. Holm however, suggests a gradual increase in moral status as an embryo develops into a rational person. In my opinion, destroying embryos is only permissible if that embryo does not possess sentience, or rational nature. …show more content…
Furthermore, humans would be obligated to avoid using them for research or destroy any type of stem cell (CITE LEC). Because of their innate ability to develop into people, we would have a duty to bring all embryonic stem cells into existence, and to create as many humans as possible from somatic stem cells. The idea of actualizing every potential cell that could become a human being is an unrealistic objective that would also deplete already scarce resources and create more pressure on the environment (CITE). The essential ability of being able to develop into a human does not grant an embryo moral status. Therefore, deprived of moral status, embryos and stem cells may be used for research and

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