The Zodiac Killer Essay

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The Zodiac is a chart of signs, based on the day of one’s birth corresponds with a horoscope. The Zodiac is also the name of a serial killer, whose identity continues to baffle law enforcement. There have been many books and movies made about this particular serial killer, but what are the facts? What is real and what is drummed up Hollywood drama? Using a web search I found a website that has a very detailed timeline of The Zodiac Killer’s (TZK) murders. This website is from a crime based television channel. This channel is known for having and presenting the facts in an unbiased view. I feel this to be a reliable information source due to the reputation of the channel and their research team. TZK killed five people and injured two …show more content…
Originally the police believed that Cheri knew her attacker. Their theory was changed less than a month later when they received a letter. This is one of the more interesting sides of TZK. He seemed to taunt his pursuers. Though quite common for serial killers, this action of bragging more often than not results in leading the police right to them. TZK wrote about disabling Cheri’s car and waiting for her. In this letter, he told the police “I am not sick. I am insane. But that will not stop the game.” (Riverside Documents). Over the next few months numerous letters were received by the police, the newspaper and even Cheri’s own father. Each letter held a promise that TZK would strike again. No one was surprised when he did. TZK’s next murder took place on a December night in Vallejo, California. A couple sat in their car at the local “lover’s lane”. David Faraday and Betty Lou Jenson’s night was interrupted when TZK came up behind the car and fired upon them. The police suspect Betty Lou left the car and tried to run for help. She was found close to the bumper of the car with 6 bullet wounds. They found multiple rounds that were shot into the ground, perhaps aimed at Betty Lou but they missed their target. David however was killed by a single shot to the head. Six months later at the Blue Rock Springs Golf Course, Darlene Ferrin and Michael Mageau were shot as they sat in their car. This time TZK left one of his victims alive.

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