The Words He Said Essay

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The words that rapper Lupe Fiasco says gives his audience a sense of awareness and stimulates their minds in a way where few other rappers have the capability or aspiration to create such a feeling. To explain, one only has to search under the most popular hip-hop songs and see that the majority of those songs talk about the clubs or life in a gang. Although his popularity may not rank other mainstream artists, Lupe Fiasco has sought to tell people about modern social, economic and political problems. A single from his new album Lasers titled “Words I Never Said” is certainly no exception as he attacks world issues and the people and groups behind them. However, if one is to listen to the song, one could question its credibility. More …show more content…
Fiasco also talks about a lack of social activism and a desire to be proactive in the community; he says: “Complain about the gloom, but when'd you pick a broom up?” Here, he states that things will stay the same if we don’t do anything about it. It’s arguable that the message of this song is to inform Lupe Fiasco’s audience that the words we don’t say is the reason things are how they are. They also are the reason we have people in power that may have a tendency to say words but they may say more erroneous ones than accurate. A second message may be that Fiasco wants to create awareness of problems that are all around us, as well as to make us see that they affect us, no matter how hard we try to eschew them. In an interview with Complex Magazine, Lupe shares his background on the songs message:
‘Nah, I’m going to talk about world affairs.’ I’ve been talking about [terrorism] since back on Food and Liquor. It’s weird to me that people forget that I had songs called ‘American Terrorist.’ And I’ve been kind of toeing that line whether it be on freestyles or what have you. I’ve always been talking about the same thing, so when people ask me what’s different with this album, I just say the music. The messages on the album, whether they’re little more or less lyrical than their predecessors, I’m basically saying the same things I’ve said on other mixtapes and albums. [The song] is not a big step for me. It’s not me

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