Essay about The Use of Creatine in Sports

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The Use of Creatine in Sports

The first weeks of my senior season of football were the toughest times I had ever had in my life. We had two practices a day. We had one practice early in the morning, and one late in the afternoon. Physically, I wasn't at a level like most of my teammates. I felt like I couldn't do anything on the high school level; plus I was being thrown around like a rag doll. I needed something that would help me reach my potential. That's when I tried creatine.
I started out taking small doses of creatine as an energy booster before practice, noticing that I wasn't getting tired and out of breath like I once was. I continued to use the supplement before I did any type of exercising activity, although I never
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The people I interviewed gave me good background on how creatine is perceived in the world today. I first interviewed Chris Mumby who was very opinionated on his views of creatine. Chris Mumby works at HyVee and works out at the Fitness Loft at the University of Iowa Campus. According to Chris, creatine is harmless if used correctly. "In the three years I've taken it, nothing has happened," he stated. "I gained forty-five pounds in three years of lifting and taking creatine." Chris gave an example of it not being used correctly; explaining that fatal harm may be caused if used before an athletic event, which would require endurance. Using creatine before an athletic event my cause the athlete to suffer from dehydration, due to the retention of water in the muscles. This causes cramping if a sufficient amount of water isn’t obtained. Many college athletes have reported taking the substance to help in training. "A lot of those athletes take it illegally without the coach's or trainer's permission, since it's banned across the nation in some top named universities, but it hasn't stopped many athletes from taking it. “They have their way to hide it like steroid-like an oil change." He explained to me that an oil change is where there is a tube inserted into the scrotum and a tube out of your scrotum 'which replaces your urine with clean unintoxicated urine. The procedure is done the night before the urinary analysis. Though it seems to be popular at

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