Analysis Of Beta Alanine And Creatine The Ultimate Workout Supplement Stack

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“Beta Alanine & Creatine – The Ultimate Workout Supplement Stack” is an article posted by blogger enthusiast Curt Pederson on his own website (Pederson). This lengthy addition to the workout related website boast the benefits of using certain pre-workout supplements. Anyone who happen to stumble across this particular webpage will immediately notice the information seems less then reputable. After fully evaluating the bloggers post, along with accumulating some background information, a user can see the underlying agenda that corresponds to this untrustworthy source of information. This piece is clearly not credible medical information and should not be interpreted as such. Before even reading the article some red flags are raised. Upon arriving at the particular article a user will be bombarded with signups for E-mail newsletter and will notice the unmarked advertisements lining the right side of the webpage. Some of which are actually advertisements for the sites own …show more content…
This immediately is unsettling to anyone searching for a professional medical outlet to receive valid information. Even worse, as someone progresses through the article they will start to see pictures for the very products being glorified within each paragraph of the post. At the very bottom of the post the user can see two different big blue hyperlinks clearly designed as click bait indented to redirect the reader to the storefront and purchase the products from the article. The article was clearly written with a purpose in mind. The post itself appears as if the author manufactured the webpage as a form of advertisement rather than a source of medical information. Clearly the sites structure/objective does not correspond with that of a trustworthy medical information outlet. The shady structure of the website is accompanied by unverified data throughout the

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