The United States Law Banning Genetic Cloning of Humans Essay

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The United States Law Banning Genetic Cloning of Humans

Genetic cloning has become an issue in these past years, and many questions have arisen due to this scientific breakthrough. As with any new technology, ethical and moral ideals have clashed between those who support it and those who favor the opposing side. The dispute involves what to do with our ability to clone and manipulate DNA of human beings, plants, and animals, and whether it is ethical for us to pursue research and experiments with genetics or whether it is people just playing "God". Genetic cloning is a problem because it splits the country and for many of its questionable natures causing people not to trust it. Yes, it is a proven fact that people are scared of
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In terms of economics, people who are for the promises of genetics feel that the biotech industry will lead the next economic boom, like the Industrial revolution, and the Internet revolution has done in recent history. With the medical applications, this has the greatest scope of all possibilities to reach the most amounts of people. There are virtually an unlimited number of uses and applications many of them steps towards repairing what our very genes or environment has destroyed. For instance, genetics has the possibility to replace or stimulate dead and damaged brain cells helping people with Down syndrome; Alzheimer's, people of strokes, and many more brain related diseases. This also goes for the rejuvenation of other cells to replace the damaged or missing cells for the nervous system, heart, liver, kidney, stomach, lungs, eyes, and even limbs. All these things could happen and the need for organ donors will be eliminated all together and with that the long waits most people have to endure while an organ is located. With the natural surroundings area, imagine an actual real-life Jurassic Park, or the birth of an animal that went extinct even 60 years ago. A technology that was thought to be science fiction is now a reality, and although no one has been successful yet in bringing back an instinct animal, only time is needed till this breakthrough will occur. The history of genetic cloning is not very long because this is such a

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