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The Tragic Death of Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet set in Verona Italy, is one of the many plays written by William Shakespeare and also one of the many tragedies. It was this tragedy that could only stop the feud between two warring families. Shakespeare makes it very simple that although this tale of two ‘star-crossed’ lovers is a tragedy. That they are in no way to blame for the fate that befalls them. Instead the blame has gone partly to their two families

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The nurse moves the play on in a very theatrical manner.

Friar Laurence is just like the nurse but he shows his love to Romeo,
as friar Laurence is a priest he is very wise and generous. Rome and
Juliet trust him completely, turning to him for advice and solution.
Friar Laurence was always there for Romeo and Juliet but because of
his little mistakes he changed the fortune of the lovers. Friar
Laurence has made many mistakes one of them is that he had sent the
message of his plan to Romeo too late therefore Romeo did not get it
on time and did not know of friars plan friar Laurence should of
though of this, way in advance and tried to send the message earlier.
Another big mistake that friar Laurence had made was that at the end
of the play when Juliet was awakening and Romeo had already killed
himself he tried to take Juliet away which was good but when they were
going out Juliet saw Romeo dead and Juliet stopped meanwhile the guard
watcher were coming which made friar Laurence very uneasy and panicked
so he ran off not thinking about what Juliet could do on her own and
what she did could have been prevented if Friar Laurence had just
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