The Search for Eternal Youth Essay

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The Search for Eternal Youth

For billions of years, there has been life. Our planet consists of countless numbers of living creatures. Unfortunately, all living creatures have a limited life span which can range anywhere from a few hours to the ripe old age of 113 years old. Each individual has its own biological clock, and when the clock stops, our time is up. But what if we could rewind or stop our biological clock, rejuvenating ourselves to a time when we were totally content? In Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story, "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment", he describes one man's experiments in the pursuit of longevity and eternal youth with water from the legendary Fountain of Youth. Although these secrets have been pursued for centuries, but
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In the early l900's, Russian doctor, Serve Varnoff; formed the hypothesis that "the physical and intellectual qualities of animals and of men are as intimately conditioned by the hormones secreted by the testicles as are the secondary sex characteristics [such as beard growth]" (Kurtzman 24). In other words, Dr. Varnoff believed that the secret to youth and vitality lied in the constant production of sex hormones. But Varnoff needed to prove this theory and began to seek solutions. He looked for men who were willing to sell their organs for transplant research. Unfortunately, even with his extensive advertising, he only received two volunteers, but the prices they demanded were too high for Varnoff. After experiencing a shortage in human organs, Dr. Varnoff then decided to obtain monkey organs instead. After locating a compatible monkey specie for his transplant research, Dr. Varnoff began to offer his treatment to elderly clients seeking youth and vitality. Thousands of old men flocked to receive monkey organ transplants in order to renourish their vitality and youth at a cost of five thousand dollars. Upon Dr. Varnoff's death in 1951, it was estimated that he had obtained an income of about ten million dollars through his transplants. Of course, Varnoff's attempt at restoring youth and vitality was unsuccessful, but he did not leave this world without leaving behind something to

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