Augustine Vs Aristotle

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An important discussion that has been had and is being discussed by philosophers is the idea of what is good and how we should live. Two of these philosophers are Aristotle and Augustine, and each of them have similar but very different ideas of what is good for humankind. In this essay, the two philosophers’ thoughts will be discussed as well as which is most clear and practical for the use of man.
Aristotle was a Grecian philosopher from 384-322 B.C.E. who was a student of Plato and the author of Nicomachean Ethics. He argues that everything done by man is towards some good or goal, and if not, all is meaningless. (124) The good, according to Aristotle, is the means towards the end, which is happiness.(125-26) Happiness is “ an activity
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He says that there in a perfect good which is found in the form of the Trinity (God), and all things were made good by God. (214) Augustine believes God has complete sovereignty over evil while He is completely good. He believes that evil is not a physical or spiritual thing in itself, but a depravity of good. (215) Evil exists because good does but good can exist without evil. (216) Augustine in his works focus more on the root of human actions instead of the action themselves. He says humans are corruptible and are prone to error. (217) He goes as far as to say that sins are always sin even in the guilt varies for them. (219) Augustine believes without error, suffering, death, and brokenness, which are all depravities of good things, man would never true experience the greatness of God’s goodness.(221) Augustine also focuses love, faith, and hope as tools in Christian living. Faith is trusting in what God says is true and that He can deliver the faithful from evil. This is connected with hope for Augustine. Hope is the complete reliance on what a person has faith. He points out that if man places his hope in himself, he is cursed by sin which leads to death. Love is the greatest of these things to Augustine because without love the other two are empty. Love dwells in a person and the more it does, the better the person.(1) In Augustine’s Sermon on Love, he focuses on the idea “Love and What You Will”, which he says is that along as one does things in love that is all that matters. In connection with his other work, “Enchiridion:On Faith, Hope, and Love”, this saying must also be done according with faith and hope in the belief of good which Augustine focuses on in his other works. This is why Augustine is most clear and

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