The Rope of Broken Promises Essay

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A thirteen year old boy stands with his back facing the crowd. He is scrawny and offers a promising victory over the rope. They cheer him on, coach yells at him “Come on, scout! You got this!” Little did the crowd know his upper strength fails, his lack of coordination falls six feet through the ground, and his hope was already diminishing as the seconds trickled by. He sighs, places his hands on the worn-out rope and begins the long journey up the brown snake all while lightly cursing at the structure of the school system. Halfway up and he feels the rope gets lighter, dangling beneath his feet. He’s almost to the top, his hand reaching out and his arm uncontrollably shaking. His fingers brush against the littler rope the bell is …show more content…
Having mandatory P.E. or having at least two credits of some sort of physical class restricts students from exercising their right to vote and to pick and choose from selections. “Students lose their freedom of choice, being forced into a highly competitive world of sports.” (“Disadvantages of Physical”). If students do not find it relatively interesting to participate in sports and they find pencils rather nice, why force them into this world of highly competitive sports? People often use the excuse “American’s fat” to push P.E. onto their students, but others would love to beg to differ like Dr. Victor Dzau, chief of Duke University Health System. He goes on to explain “[i]t’s not the government’s responsibility, it’s not employers, it’s everybody’s responsibility.” (Dzau). Everybody’s responsibility for their health – including yours. If you wake up one day and think hey, I want to get healthy then it’s your job to ensure this change. No one ought to be blamed if you’re overweight. Moving on, if the school doesn’t necessarily enjoy the idea of losing their mandatory P.E. because “students need to be more active, especially in this day and age” then make it an alternative. Those who wish to change their body through a healthy way will find their way inside the class, assuring no slackers can be found casually leaning against the wall during dodge ball. We’re not eliminating the class, we’re making it an option for the students to exercise their

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