Essay on The Rise and Fall of Civilizations Throughout World History

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The Rise and Fall of Civilizations Throughout World History Throughout our world history, we have seen many civilizations rise and fall, many where successful and many where not because of the way there leaders adopt their civilizations to the environment and the other power related problems. From the rise and fall of different civilizations you will also see different technology and inventions been develop and past on through generations, as well as different political organizations and cultures. The environment and the way the civilization spread out and expanded as a great deal in the rise/fall of their civilization. Did civilizations depend on agriculture to much that it caused the civilization to collapse? The environment in …show more content…
Along with the sharing of inventions and technology among a civilization also came blue print / idea diffusion from other civilizations. Many civilizations picked up writing, religion, inventions, culture, politics, and other advancements by copying/ or modify any ideas ( Blueprint) to suit their own needs or they would just get a idea then make the rest up on their own( idea diffusion) to advance their civilizations. Specialization’s help to develop large monumental architecture to show much power there civilization had, like the pyramids, Ziggurats, Masaba, etc. These different types could have been copied from different civilizations and modified to there own religion and culture. Diamond explains,” That’s is one reasons why there were so few independent origins of writings, is great difficulty of inventing it”(224 Diamond). For a civilizations to develop their own type of writing would take decades and even centuries to develop and this is why many blueprints and idea diffusion where used in writing and other special advances that helped out civilizations over others. Writing helps many civilizations to rise above others. You could communicate among each other, keep track of your livestock, make contracts and most of all for trade. Writing developed politics and power organizations and aloud leaders to develop a cohesion

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