The Real Parking War Essay

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“1. The Customer is always right. 2. If you have money, you have the right to get whatever that money can buy you... But in the parking lot they were simply not true.” (Eckman, 2010) The Parking Lot Movie is a documentary based on The Corner Parking Lot in Charlottesville, Virginia. The director spent three years documenting this parking lot and the eccentric characters who work there as attendants. This movie is mostly a compilation of interviews with the attendants and scenes from daily life at the lot. The attendants in general are a very interesting group of people, and the owner is no different. They range from former philosophy professors to anthropology graduate students, with a smattering of the occasional undergraduate student. …show more content…
Each of these groups have social categorized each other based on their job, cars and attitudes. “Aware of the social categories to which individuals belong, we can fail even to perceive information about these individuals that does not conform to our stereotypes about their groups.” (Kassin, Fein, & Markus, 2008) The attendants seem to share the same feelings about the people who park in their lot, they will stand and complain or discuss the customers and begin to correlate their thinking and in turn have a huge effect on one another. The customers are a group that aside from knowing that someone else has parked in the lot do not necessarily know each other and may or may not sit around and discuss the parking lot. However, to the attendants the people parking in there are put in to a single group, and it seems that their experiences and some customers tend to warp their thinking regarding the entirety of the group. In the beginning of this film you are led to believe that the customer/attendant relationship is a good one, and you actually want to park in that lot because it seems like a fun experience, comparatively to the mundane paid parking experience. You do not pick up on the intensity that is truly there, but as the film continues you begin to get a peek in to the real thoughts and feelings of these attendants, you also get to see several scenes and hear stories where the customers were rude and

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