The Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) Essay

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The Provisional Irish Republican Army

When one thinks of terrorism, the conflict in Israel or other Middle Eastern countries usually comes to mind. Although true to some extent there are many other groups in the world that fall under the category of Îterroristsâ. One of these groups is located in Europe, more specifically in Northern Ireland, and is commonly known as the IRA, or the Irish Republican Army. This group has been around for decades and has fought politically and militarily for the liberation of Ireland from the rule of Great Britain. To fully grasp and understand the Provisional Irish Republican Army (from now on in the paper the Provisional Irish Republican Army will be referred to as the IRA) and its cause, it is necessary
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This rejection of the treaty led to the Irish Civil War that began in 1922 (3). The IRAâs position during the civil war was for the complete independence of Ireland from Britain (2). Once the war concluded the IRA ordered its Volunteers to discard their arms. Throughout the 1920âs the IRA reorganized and began attracting a wide following. In 1925 the IRA set up a ruling structure, which is for all intents and purposes still in tact today. This structure is largely based on a seven-member Army Council led by a chief-of-staff.(1) In the 1930âs that the IRA began to seek out a successful political and military advances agenda, but this was shattered by the division and separation by several smaller groups within the IRA (4). In the mid to early Î50âs the IRA conducted raids against the British in order to conduct a campaign that was carried out from 1956 until 1962. It was a conflict that included nearly 500 incidents, which mainly occurred around the borders and saw attacks on British border posts and other military installations (4). The IRA only conducted small marches and not much was heard of them until 1969. In 1969 the IRA voted to give at least a token of recognition to the parliaments located in Dunlin, London, and Belfast. Angered by this vote, some of the members walked out and formed the Provisional Irish Republican Army,

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