Essay about The Problem of Evil in Philosophy

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The Problem of Evil in Philosophy

I was always raised to believe that there is a God in the world who is responsible for everything that happens in our daily lives. This belief makes the most sense to me and makes me feel complete. However, I also know that there are people in this world who don't believe in God's existence and have logical arguments like the problem of evil to back them up. Philosophers like Hume and Mackie, argue that if God were omni benevolent, omnipotent, and omniscient, he would not allow evil to exist. However, evil exists (a lot of it), and makes the belief in God irrational and inconsistent. Although this is an excellent argument against the existence of God, I strongly
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God, although knows how we will choose, plays absolutely no role in our process of choosing. When we choose the wrong from right, we are creating evil, but that's our choice. Just like Hick portrayed in his theodicy, when Adam sinned, he took his first step towards freedom. We enter this world undeveloped and through experience and hardships we will come to a self-realization. How would we learn from our mistakes if everything would go smoothly and there would be no wrong? An atheist would say that God could have made it that humans choose only the good, but we need variety in the world so that we can be able to differentiate. If our world lacked this variety and complexity, it would be pretty boring. God allowing unnecessary evil to exist was thoughtful in his creation because only through choice and free will we can maximize our happiness. This leads into another question that the atheist may ask, like what about the natural evil?

Just as Leibniz and Plantinga employ, what if this is the greatest possible world that God could have created? Of course we can imagine better worlds but that isn't the case since we live in this world. We can imagine a lot of things to be better but that would be a perfect world and maybe God realized that a perfect world wouldn't do us any good. It

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