Essay on The North American Free Trade Agreement

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Roughly fifteen year ago the United States entered into an agreement with its neighboring countries Canada and Mexico. With the incarnation of this intercontinental free trade agreement; the United States acting as the conduit would not only increase trade productivity for itself but, allot its sister nations to the north and south the same advantages. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is beneficial to America because, it encourages the expansion of job opportunities, abolishes taxes and tariffs that can restrict the flow of imports and exports, and supplies the States with goods and services at lower costs causing profits to increase exponentially.
To put you in the right frame of mind the, year is 1991. George H. W. Bush
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Fallowing the near ending of America's manifest destiny that claimed huge portions of Mexican territory, this to include immigration issue, and the flaunted economical success of the United States stirred resentment from the Mexican people. The United States believed that by opening a less restrictive trade with Mexico it would eventually easy tension between the two nations. Another one of these unspoken goals was to provide competition for the rising trade and economical power house of Asia. Asia's export of goods has been skyrocketing since the 70's. The eastern market implementation of cheap labor and less restrictive working conditions allowed for an almost unparallel ability to provide goods and services cheaply. The United States believe that by removing tariffs and import/export restriction it would pave the way to establish North America as trading hub much as its counterpart to the east. The final American hidden agenda was the unification of North America, although this was clearly the least important of the three unpublicized goals. By dispelling competition between the three countries NAFTA would be used as a catalyst for economic growth in the united North America spawning investment in domestic and foreign markets.
From the beginnings of NAFTA it received criticism. One of the most highly printed slogans against this newly formed free

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