Essay on The Negative Effects of Advertising on Children

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What are some the implications media is having on the youth of today? Are parents competing with sophisticated physiologically designed media to keep their children healthy and safe? How and why does advertisement influence the social, physical, cognitive, and moral development of young children? The major influence in the social construct of moral and cognitive development of an individual is the family. Due to the influences on the youth of today, parents need to be more aware, and combat the effects of advertising on children. “There are twelve billion dollars spent annually on ads directed at children” (Dittmann, 2004). These advertisements target young, impressionable minds, capture the attention of the child and imprint an …show more content…
Children have become less active, less physically fit, and are now imprisoned in the world of computer games, often unaware of their hypnotic influence. Bombardment of media has an impact on core family values. Tobacco advertising is currently against the law, but commercials for alcohol products come streaming into family time every evening. The Budweiser, Coors, and Mille Lite commercials create the impression in the consciousness of our children that fun, success, happiness, and fulfillment are all associated with their products. The message is clear, subtle, and insidious. Taken outside the home this message can lead to compromising position with peers. Deeply ingrained on multiple occasions, these messages, could possibly lead to children ignoring core values. Based on data collected from the Nielsen media research (NMR), “alcohol advertising on cable television is directly related to the increase in underage alcohol consumption. NMR studies directly correlated the rise in alcohol advertisements with a rise in teenage drinking. Theses increased advertisements appeared in time slots associated with adolescent viewership” Chung, P. J., Garfield, C.F,Elliott, M.N,Ostroff, J.,Ross, C., Jernigan, D.H., Vestal,K.D, Schuster,M.A,(2010). “A legislative advocate for chidden: The American Psychological Association (APA) has developed a task force to combat

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