The Nature of Quebec’s Failed Separation Attempts in 1980 and 1995

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On Monday, October 30th, 1995, citizens of Canada’s largest province gathered to settle an issue which had been plaguing Canada for many years. The province of Quebec, the only French majority province in Canada, held a referendum, which is a public vote on any matter, concerning the issue of sovereignty. This issue has been a recurring theme over the years, since Réné Lévesque initiated the Parti Quebecois (PQ) in 1968. The Parti Quebecois is the backbone of the Quebec separatist movement, it is the most prominent political party in Quebec which reveals the imminent possibility of a Canada without Quebec. In spite of the power of numbers which is supposedly working in Quebec’s favour regarding separation, Quebec’s desire to separate from …show more content…
Bill 1 blatantly declares that “Quebec is a sovereign country” (Young, 16) based on the sovereignty-association model. The sovereignty- association model is a sham for the sovereignty movement of the PQ in the 1980 referendum. In 1980, Jacques Parizeau emphasised the model of a completely sovereign Quebec which has no ties whatsoever with Canada. The results of the 1980 referendum proved the lack of reception which the PQ’s definition of sovereignty had among Quebecers because “41.5% voted ‘Oui’ to separation, while 56.5% voted ‘Non’” (Kizilos, 56). With this understanding in mind, many Quebecers are confused concerning what the PQ insinuates by the term ‘sovereignty-association’. Some believe the sovereignty-association suggests that Quebec would continue to use Canada’s passports and currency while maintaining separate control over its domestic and foreign affairs. The fact that Quebecers do not fully comprehend the meaning of the proposed idea of sovereignty reveals the indirect deception present in the PQ’s sovereignty attempts. Likewise, the second element of the Referendum strategy further buttresses the PQ’s manipulation of civilian support. The PQ must reach a consensus on the wording of the 1995 Referendum and it is understood that the referendum must lucidly ask voters if they

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