Hitler School Essay

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Hitler in many ways was very smart and crafty. From convincing all of Germany to turn against the jews, to corrupting the minds of the innocent children. The whole campaign to take over Germany was thoroughly thought out and planned. He was very powerful and such an iconic image, he even had support from the young children. Hitler corrupted the education system to teach anti-semitic ideas to expand the amount of recruits for his army.
To begin Hitler’s campaign, he had took over the education system by teaching the students anti-semitic ideas and views. “On April 10 the rector of the university instructed his deans to dismiss all faculty members of Jewish religion or origin (Alexander par. 1)”. Hitler began to remove all individuals with Jewish faith so he can implement the anti-semitic teachings. By brainwashing the children through the education program, he somewhat molded these kids into his own followers. “Adolf Hitler Schools should enable ‘even the poorest boy to rise to any position for which he is potentially suited’ (Kater 51)”. Hitler 's schools gave every student the opportunity to join him and his campaign against Judaism. Surely brainwashing students helped gain more support
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Apart from the school teachings, he created this group to allow the youth to take it a step further. “In 1939, membership in the Nazi youth groups became mandatory for all boys and girls between the ages of ten and eighteen (Indoctrinating Youth par. 2)”. This also gives a chance for the young children to later be initiated into the SS Elite group. Since his schools were so powerful and successful with their teachings, “In January 1933, the Hitler Youth had only 50,000 members, but by the end of the year this figure had increased to more than 2 million. (Indoctrinating Youth par. 2)”. Hitler was a major icon to the younger generation; to them, he was an inspiration. He was a leader they were willing to follow and die

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