The Mutualistic Relationship Between Education and Development

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Education and development are two concepts closely tied; it would seem as though education yields development and vice versa. They have a mutualistic relationship, and this is evident in a multitude of ways. To fully understand the relationship between development and education, it is necessary to understand the drivers of education. People, culture, politics, and more all contribute to what is taught in schools, and the intentions that the education system has in terms of what is best for the community. There are certain challenges education systems face in terms of culture, gender discrimination, low resources et cetera that also indicate the relationship between education and development. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, there are …show more content…
In terms of development, a developed country will most always have a better education system because it’s likely its government will emphasize funneling money into it versus, say, in developing countries, where money might be put towards poverty or disease prevention compared to education.
Organizations like the UN funnel money into education initiatives that stress education for all. This is a focus because in the long run, it’s ideal for all countries to be developed, and this can’t happen without education. And while it’s important that money be given to anti-disease and poverty organizations, in the long run, improving the education systems will alleviate these problems as well. So when government run organizations do this sort of thing, they have people’s best interests in mine, but also their own fiscal goals.
Parents and cultural/religious leaders are amongst other drivers of education. Parents have much of a say in what their children learn; in fact they teach them certain things themselves in terms of what’s called the “hidden curriculum.” The hidden curriculum is information not explicitly taught but that all kids learn simply through observation or conditioning, such as not to talk out of turn or to be polite, and parents have a significant contribution to this aspect of education. And it can be

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