The Murders of Jack the Ripper Essay

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The Murders of Jack the Ripper

The notorious Jack the Ripper left many, if not all of east Londoners living in trepidation and fear. Speculations began flying around like a flock of pigeons, and soon all of London was playing Chinese whispers. The printing machines were left hot from the many newspapers being printed, its head lines containing with big, bold writing; Jack the Ripper at it again. Well known for his terrible and gruesome attack on women, his mutilations of the body was certainly jaw dropping and utterly horrific. Yet with such an over crowded city and the population increase in the east end, how can one man grab the attention of thousands? Influenced

In London 1888, it was a
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People were so afraid that this ‘demented’ being was attacking women locally, and how after three or four murders he was still not caught in such a crowded city, left question marks in their minds. How was it that he still is not caught? How can he get away with it in such a packed city? It could be me next…..All of London was in such a frenzy, yet how they were notified of the murders, the horrific mutilations and other information such as where and when it took place, is a question registered in our minds.

Industry was slowing picking up and printing had just been invented, in addition more and more people were able to read because of the law which had been brought, that all children were to have schooling; therefore newspapers were ideally the best way of notifying the public of the happening in the city. Also the fact that tax had been abolished from newspapers led to it becoming more affordable for citizens to purchase. So what type of role in society were newspapers playing in attracting so many people to the murders?

The mighty power of the word of mouth shined through as all citizens of the east end came up with a brilliant hypothesis that the murderer must have been a doctor of some sort with enough intelligence to have performed such mutilations. Here we see the type of role newspapers played in society. The main foundation or source for this idea was

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