Essay The Most Common Method Used Today for Phishing

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Phishing can be done in many ways. Phishers have technically high standards and they use innovative techniques for phishing. They will misuse the innovations in the technologies for illegal purposes, so they will invest more in technologies to gain benefits. It has become difficult for phishers to attack the organizations using the old methodology because the organizations are using various security measures and many financial institutions and organizations have increased their online presence. So the phishers introduced some more new techniques to gain access to the confidential data. Different types of phishing attacks are discussed below.(Jakobsson, Phishing and Countermeasures, 2006)
Deceptive Phishing:
The most common method used
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As we observe the figure it contains the bank logo and has very attractive text styles. And it has a bait message that says to avoid fraud transactions you need to follow the URL given below and has to confirm your details. When you move the cursor to that link it will display any other URL with IP address which means that it is a false message because a genuine mail from any bank shows their bank URL not an IP address. The recipient who had no knowledge about that will follow the link and gives their personal information.(Phishing email methods)(Types of Phishing Attacks, 2007) Figure: Typical Deceptive Phishing Message
Malware-Based Phishing:
It is a type of phishing in which phishers attack the user’s machine by running malicious software. A malware is spread due to social engineering or by security vulnerabilities. In social engineering attack the phishers convince the users to download an attachment which contains malware. Injecting worms and viruses is also a type of malware based phishing, which exploits the security vulnerabilities. There are different forms of malware phishing, they are
Key loggers and Screen loggers:

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