The Mexican American Family Essay

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The Mexican American Family

According to most, ethnicity usually is displayed in the values, attitudes, lifestyles, customs, rituals, and personality types of individuals who identify with particular ethnic groups. Ethnic identifications and memberships in an ethnic group has far﷓reaching effects on both groups and individuals, controlling assess to opportunities in life, feeling of well being and mastery over the futures of one's child and future. These feelings of belonging and attachment to a certain group of people for whatever reason are a basic feature of the human condition. These ties are called "ethnic ties" and the group of people that one is tied to is an "ethnic group." In the general sense, an ethnic group
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Spanish Colonization

The period of Spanish colonization began in the sixteenth century and lasted until 1821, when Mexico achieved independence from Spain. The first Spanish settlements in southwestern North America were in what is now known as New Mexico, where 25 missions were established between 1598 and 1630. Beginning in 1769, missions were established in California, and several in the areas of Texas and Arizona. The mission system helped to incorporate the Catholic Church into the region (McWilliams, 1988).
Because the Spanish conquerors were all men, they intermarried with the Mexicans and indigenous Indians. The mixed heritage of the Spanish, Mexicans, and Indians remains predominant among today's Mexican Americans. The Spanish heritage, language, and numerous other contributions, which were modified by time and the indigenous cultures of the Indians and Mexicans, constitutes the foundation of the unique Mexican American culture.

Anglo﷓Mexican Conflicts
The history of the Southwest during the nineteenth century is a history of conflict between the United States and Mexico. The Mexican government had opened the area of Texas to settlers under the condition that they pledge allegiance to Mexico and agree to become Catholics. The Anglo Americans settlers,

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