Essay on The Life of Eleanor Roosevelt

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Eleanor Roosevelt had a hard childhood that prepared her for the life ahead of her. Having to go through the hardships of death, new places and family, she knew what it was like to experience difficulty, but that didn't stop her from becoming a powerful woman and a great role model. Serving as a First Lady, she knew she would face difficulty, but managed to come away with words of wisdom. In this biography, I am going to tell you about Eleanor Roosevelt's life, from when she was a kid, going to school in London, to when she was an adult, being a First Lady in the White House and there after.
As a child, Eleanor suffered many family deaths. Her mother was the first to die when Eleanor was still at a young age. Heaven forbid, her
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While attending, she learned the importance of the arts which helped her later in her life.While going to school, the headmistress Marie Souvestre emphasized history, geography, literature and foreign languages, and the importance of direct inquiry and free thinking (Teaching Eleanor, par. 1). Eleanor studied there for three years before graduating and going onto teach immigrants children in Manhattan's
Lower East Side. As she grew up, she met with her distant cousin Franklin Delano
Roosevelt at the age of eighteen. After three years, they were married and Eleanor was walked down the aisle by her uncle, Theodore. She was happily married on March 15,
As some years passed and she and Franklin grew older, Eleanor became more popular with the public. While he was serving in the senate, she became more aware of politics. This made it easier for her to adjust to life in the White House.While he was serving as Vice President, Franklin came down with polio. During this time, Eleanor acted as Franklin's 'eyes and ears', helping him stay in the news so he wasn't forgotten.
This helped him stay in the eye of the public and was most likely how he was able to come back and be voted in as President.
From the time of Franklin's presidency to the time they left the White House,
Eleanor had four children, but only three survived after one was killed by the flu. Even after Franklin was no longer President, Eleanor was still a favorite of the public and

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