The Large and Generally Positive Effect Immigration has on the Economics of a Country.

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The effect immigration has on a country is a complex and sometimes a highly controversial subject. According to ( Some members of the British population have a very negative perception of what immigration brings with it, whilst others agree that it brings diversity and a boost to every aspect of life. This report will focus on the large and generally positive effect immigration has on the economics of a country.
Immigration can influence the economy in many ways by bringing in new labour, skill sets and opportunities which not only help the immigrants themselves but also create jobs for locals. Conforming to ( .
International students contribute greatly to the economy, some
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In 2015/16 the estimated income in tuition fees from international students is 54.9 million pounds, a large proportion of the total taken. Not only tuition fees to the university itself but these students will contribute 46.4 million pounds to the city's economy. The loss of this would be a devastating blow to the economy, in 2012 immigration caused the biggest increase in economic growth. According to (
As well as the money paid directly into education itself, foreign students boost the economy in most aspects of their lives. They stay in a wide variety of accommodation, sometimes in housing provided by the college/university itself which create jobs for managers and caretakers. Conforming to (George J. Borjas 7 Jul 2004). Others stay in shared housing or their own apartments paying rent to the owners and bills, increasing the utilities sector of the economy. Many students, at times when they are not studying will spend time exploring the new country to learn and experience more of it, increasing tourism and spending money. Like any of the locals, immigrants need food, water and other basic amenities providing more custom for local shops, restaurants and bars etc.
There are arguments that immigrants harm the economy. Often migrants will send a large portion of their wages abroad for their families, money that could have been spent in the UK itself. Some migrants also claim

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