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The people felt the desire to know more about the country and they thought that they could gain this information from reading the book. Others contend that if the book had been released before the war with Afghanistan then it would have been reviewed as a subpar novel.

Critics protest that the main metaphor, kite fighting, claiming is underdeveloped. David Kipen argues that Hosseini “never fully exploits its power” and that he “ignored what, in essence, a kite fight really is: a proxy war.” The kite fighting is never connected to the Taliban’s or the United States’ takeover of the country and the proxy war is never related to the actual war that unfolded in the country. This lack of connection shows a weakness in the author’s ability to delve into a metaphor and approach it from all angles. Kipen is thoroughly dissatisfied with Hosseini’s use of such an “apt and evocative” metaphor. This underdeveloped staple of the novel is one of its main weaknesses addressed by the opponents. The reviewers were let down by the temptation of such a powerful symbol that fell short of their expectations. Kipen states that as Afghanistan falls out of “the nation’s current preoccupations – Hosseini may wind up with his strings sliced out from under him.” The American connection to the novel may have just been a cover up for the people’s fascination with
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