The Kentucky Cattleman’s Association Essay example

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The Kentucky Cattleman’s Association Many people may ask, “What the heck is the Cattleman’s Association?” Normally, the first thoughts that fill people’s minds when they hear “Cattleman’s Association” are: farmers, cows, farms, rednecks, dairy, beef, steaks, hamburger, milk, and so on. Many of these “stereotypes” prove true and many not so much. My experience with the KCA (Kentucky Cattleman’s Association) may be limited, but its roots run deep in my hometown and my family. Although a great number of my family members are in the KCA, I couldn’t tell you the first thing about them, which inspired me to “get to know” them. According to, the official Kentucky Cattleman’s Association website, Kentucky and its Cattleman’s …show more content…
Tony informed me who the “creator” or “father” of KCA was: His name was Smith Powell. Also, Powell later became president of the association and first executive secretary. Danny, Tony, and also Steve enlightened me on what goes on at the dinners and meetings. According to these 3 men, issues concerning the beef industry are discussed, vendors come in to promote their products, and of course, food is served at the meetings (“Us farmer’s always have an appetite for steaks!” –Danny). Stereotypes surround every group of people, for example: KKK members are all white (which isn’t true, there are some Hispanics and Asians in the group as well), Motorcycle riders or bikers are tough, and guys who cry are “queers.” When asked about some stereotypical ideas that the general population had about the KCA, all 3 men had one answer in common: “KCA members are ALL farmers and own cattle” or that “You have to be a farmer to be in the KCA.” Both of these statements are false which is why they are indeed a stereotype. Not all members are farmers or own a farm; some just support the beef industry like Mary Davidson, Danny’s wife. Before meeting her husband Danny, she already held a membership card with the KCA, but did not yet own a farm. Another stereotype is that the KCA has to do with all cattle. This statement also proves to be false seeing as the whole association is centered around beef and beef

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