The Importance of Books in a Young Child’s Life Essay

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There is no question that all parents want their children to be successful, in whatever they do; this is especially true when it comes to succeeding in school. These days’ schools are expecting young children to know their alphabet and beginning to read and write in kindergarten, adding extra pressure for parents. In response to that pressure many companies have now developed products that claim that if you watch their DVD’s, and use their flash cards you will teach your child to read, even before they can talk. Although these types of media have a place in helping a child reach their reading potential, books should still be the number one medium to use. When parents start reading to their infants they help develop their child’s language …show more content…
Literacy is not just defined as the ability to read, it also includes the skills of writing, speaking, view and listing (Lawhon 113). Parent’s impact and help their children develop their views on reading. When parents can make reading an enjoyable experience, by not rushing reading time, engage the children in the story by asking questions or having the kids interpret the pictures before reading the page. This will help children develop their imagination and to start thinking critical. Parents can also help children in their literacy ability through play, because young children who are read to, often start to integrate visual information with authoritative information (Lawhon 114). For example many children will learn early on that the golden arches outside of McDonalds, stands for their favorite chicken nuggets. Therefore parents can help children with literacy success by encouraging dramatic play with real live items that have words on them. These types of activities help children recognize that words and symbols represent things in in the world and have meaning. This encourages a child to want to read and be successful at it. Having an early positive reading experience also helps children with success in school.
Young children learn so much when parents read to them; some of the things they learn will help them when they enter school, when they

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