The Impact of Societal Expecations on Men Essay

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Theodore Roosevelt once said “We need the iron qualities that go with true manhood. We need the positive virtues of resolution, of courage, of indomitable will, of power to do without shrinking the rough work that must always be done” (qtd. in Art of Manliness). Resolution, courage, will, power, and determination, these are all qualities that society has determined a “real man” must possess. They have molded what, throughout time, has been accepted as the abiding image of manhood- an image of predominance, invulnerability, and vigor. Men opted to pursue this vision of what they should be and in this journey pushed aside women.
As Clive Emsly explained in The Old Bailey Proceedings, in the eighteenth century, men were viewed as the
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Statistics show that men are, in fact, greatly affected by what society expects of them, be it physically, emotionally, or monetarily. In fact, studies have shown that “adolescent males are more likely than adolescent females to drop out of school” (Coley, US Department of Education). Also, “adolescent males are more likely than adolescent females to commit suicide” (Department of Health and Human Services). These young men many times do not match their gender roles or gender expressions, causing them to suffer.
The influences and expectations of society are based on gender roles, gender expressions, and sex typing. “Gender roles are the social and cultural expectations associated with a person’s sex, they refer to what is socially appropriate and considered a set of social and behavioral norms” (Boundless). “A gender expression refers to the external manifestations of one’s gender identity, through “masculine”, “feminine”, or gender variant or gender neutral behavior, clothing, hairstyles, or body characteristics” (Boundless). Like gender expression, “sex typing attempts to make distinctions and assign roles between males, females, and other genders in society […]” (Boundless). Since early childhood, men have been indoctrinated into enjoying sports or playing with trucks. Research has proven that a man’s self-perception or self-concept is mostly influenced by the gender

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