The Impact of Martin Luther on the Church Essay

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Martian Luther was born to a German family in 1483. His father was born a peasant, but raised to own a Coppermine. Because of this he was determined to see Martin Luther go into the civil services. By the time he was 19 he had earned his first bachelors degree, and planed to continue with a masters in law. However in 1505 there was a terrible storm, and lightening bolt struck near him. Upon this he cried out “Help, St. Anne! I’ll become a monk”. Because of how religious everyone was during that time, if a person promised something to a saint or god, they had to keep it, or otherwise they would go to hell.

When he was a monk, Brother Martin dedicated his life to please God, and serve others by praying for them. However,
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Peters and give the money to the poor people”

One of the reasons this became such a problem was due to the newly invented printing press. With this advancing in technology, Luther’s word was able to get across to everyone much more quickly and successfully. Everyone had access to these Theses, even the pope received a copy, but he was unimpressed and directed the Augustinian order to deal with the situation.

In April 1518, the next meeting of the Augustinians, Martin Luther was invited, and in turn feared for his life. He had good reason to do so as Heresy, or an opinion that is against the church could cost people their lives. However, many of Luther’s fellow friars agreed with him, and what was in his theses.

Martin Luther didn’t agreed with what the church was doing, and once he had publicised his beliefs, he found that many people agreed with him. Unfortunately the church didn’t agree with him, and continued to sell indulgences. This caused an issue within the church that Martin Luther addressed.

The later middle Ages were a time of chaos and confusion. The black plague had erupted in Europe, and the public was looking to the church for answers. However, They couldn’t find any, and the people started to question the church. Many Christians believed that the plague was happening because of god’s anger at the sinfulness of humanity.

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