Essay about The Impact of Advertising on Consumer Purchase

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I endeavour to look into research projects that surround the topic ‘what impact does advertising have on consumer purchase?’
Britain made history on the 22nd of December 1955 when they released the first television advertisement; it was for “Gibbs SR Toothpaste”. Since then advertisements have grown into a world-wide phenomenon used every ten to fifteen minutes on free to air television for all kinds of products, services, promotion of shows and other objects for consumer purchase. Through this research project I endeavour to investigate the links between various forms of advertisements and consumer purchase. Promotional tactics, visually evocative images, slogans and trade mark jingles are all used as selling mechanisms in the world of
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In my opinion many individuals do not have the means to make the decision based on a higher price equals quality and therefore the discussion throughout this research is over generalised and has little merit on every day society.
Advertising often does affect people of different generations, ages, genders and statuses differently. Impact of TV Advertisement on Children Buying Behaviour is a research paper published in the “International Journal of Humanities and Social Science” in January 2014. This paper explores the reactions of school children in Punjab, Pakistan through a questionnaire to establish the impact of television advertisements. The research also looks into and points out that advertising is a key feature in the persuasion of customers into purchasing products and services. The simple relationship they discovered between television advertising and purchasing is the more television a child watches there larger increase in purchased items advertised on television. TV viewing has a large impact on the amount of food products purchased increasing obesity amongst children who persuade their parents to buy their desired food through persuasive advertising learned through TV. It was shown that in the UK the average child watches 27 programmes a week, during this time 20 ads per one hour of television watching is dedicated to food advertisement showing a clear link between purchasing of advertised food. Advertising is

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