Essay about The Holocaust: Exposing Humanities Darkest Sin

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Since the Holocaust, a theory has emerged on the real reason Jews were forced into concentration camps. Controversy surrounds this theory, between those who claim, Jews were being exterminated inside concentration camps and those who disagree, claiming that this event never occurred in the camps. The theory began at the start of the Holocaust when the Nazis established concentration camps around Poland. Yet to this day, some skeptics are unclear whether these camps were built for forced labor or extermination. Even though some so-called experts argue that concentration camps like Auschwitz existed, but they were not used for killing Jews, they are incorrect because there is evidence in the surviving Nazi camps of gas chambers, plans of …show more content…
Another similarity found in the structures is the crematoriums containing ovens with a depression “roughly 20 to 25 centimeters deep and 1 metre wide” and then leading off from the “main track and six branch rails, each 4 metres long” heading straight to the ovens (Muller 14). Based on the measurements found in the structure, the corpses would have been easily transported from the chambers into crematorium ovens. The Sonderkommando would be given orders by the SS to drag corpses into the ovens, wait for the dead bodies to cremate, and prepare for the next load. These men were forced to work in gas chambers where they captured the true horror of man’s inhumanity to man. The surviving structure in Auschwitz is evidence that the Nazi created gas chambers to increase the process of vanishing all traces of Jews in Germany.

Not only are these so-called experts incorrect for claiming that concentration camps were not used for killing Jews, but also they are unaware that the Nazis tried to demolish all evidence of concentration camps. Skeptics believe that the few surviving structures create a theory that gas chambers never existed. However, according to Tim Cole’s article “Crematoria, Barracks, Gateway”, he gathers evidence from survivors who witnessed SS guards demolish all traces of concentration camps. During this time there was rumors that the Soviet army was creating a surprise advance on the concentration camps. This event caused the SS

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