The History of The State of Mississippi Essay

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Mississippi History
Well, my essay is about Mississippi. It’s a great place to be. There all kinds of events you can participate in. Blues music its part of Mississippi’s culture. This music comes from slaves in the fields, singing about their struggles, their conditions and their sorry. Many of the songs carried secret messages of escaping the plantation life. The music told of life experiences as slaves knew them. The stories sung about in their music went back before the Civil War and even to the western coast of Africa where men, women and children were captured and sold into slavery and brought to America as slave laborers to work in Southern plantations. The Mississippi Delta is considered to be the birthplace of the Blues, with
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They were all legends that came from Blues.
The food in Mississippi is great. Mississippians are known for its famous soul food like fried chicken, Mac-n-cheese, collard greens, corn bread, and apple pie, along with other great things. Mississippi is known for its Soul Food, which is a unique, delicious style of Southern cooking. There are a number of great dishes that can be found in Southern restaurants of Mississippi and throughout the United States. Many major cities have restaurants that cook Soul Food. If you are touring and go into a soul food restaurant down South and pick up a menu, you are likely to see some real home style cuisine. You have common foods like fried chicken, biscuits with gravy, BBQ meats, and corn bread. The cooks might surprise you with some things you've never seen or tasted before. There are other tasty treats in Mississippi such as hush puppies, chitterlings, hog-head cheese, ham hocks, and black-eyed peas.
In Mississippi, there are so many attractions to capture the hearts and minds of people visiting the state. Some of these attractions are in the form of festivals. Mississippi has blues festivals, literary festivals, holiday festivals, arts festivals, and river festivals. You name it, and Mississippi has it. I guess you could say Mississippi is just a festival fun place. No matter when you’re visiting, fall, winter,

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