Essay on The Halogen Bromine and Swimming Pools

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How has the Halogen Bromine, been used to protect swimming pools?

The Halogen Bromine (Atomic number: 35, Atomic weight: 79.9) is the only non-metallic element that’s state is liquid at room temperature . Bromine, produced firstly by Carl Lowig, was not associated with him as even though he was believed to have first created the element his student life took priority giving Antoine-Jérôme Balard another chemist, enough time to discover Bromine for himself and publish a paper in 1826 discussing his findings. It was Balard who was credited with the discovery and thus named the chemical Bromos, “stench” in Greek.

The reddish-brown element (also giving of a very strong odour not dissimilar to that of chlorine) is obtained from sea water
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Bromine is also used in industry, to many make many organobromine compounds . These compounds are organic, and contain carbon bonded to bromine, the most universal of which, is the naturally produced bromomethane. Pharmaceutical companies produce bromomethane in soil fumigants for agriculture, as the fumigant prevents pests from attacking stored grain and other produce. This is because bromine is also harmful to animals, specifically when it accumulates in the mammal’s body. First and foremost, the effects on them consist of nerve damage shortly followed by DNA damage and death . Significant sizes of global trade in agriculture goods rely on the use of bromine compounds, to keep their crops alive.

Moreover the most common use for bromine, would be that of water disinfectants. This is because Bromine is bleach, and it can be easily dissolved in water (35 g per litre of water) . However, when bromine is added to water, it forms hypobromous acid. It is these acids, which protect against the growth of algae, microorganisms and bacterial life in an outdoor pool . This method first became popular in the United States (1936) to treat swimming water. As in World War II, the amount of chlorine was threatened and many swimming pools started to use bromine for disinfection instead of the much more standard chlorine choice. When bromine is applied in it’s fluid form into

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