The French Anarchist Movement Essay

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La République Français— this is the French Republic, known to the rest of the world as the country of France. France is considered a beautifully romantic country that is a hotspot for tourists from all around the world. Its capital is Paris, also known as the City of Lights—home to the celebrated Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum. The currency is the European euro and the population is around 65,500,000. Along with that cultural presentation of the country, France is the 5th largest world power; it is also the head agricultural producer in the European Union. Along with all of this, France has a strong national identity that can be drawn from such political sectors as state, nation, government, elections, political culture, and current …show more content…
Even if they were not completely advanced democratically, they were moving in that direction. In addition to this, France has had attempted changes in their organized government. A specific case of this was the attempt of to become an anarchy through several anarchist movements in the 20th century. The cause for so many anarchist movements were motivated mostly by negative concerns, including their unwillingness to have to deal with the discipline that the existing parties of that time imposed upon the people (Berneri 1954). The reason for anarchy, as is always the reason for anarchy, is that the government is not doing its job in a way satisfying to its citizens, so they want it out. France has a very strong and united state. This has led to its success throughout the centuries and its knowledge of existence worldwide. France is a nation-state, and this can mean only that France is strong both politically and culturally, unlike many of the other nation-states throughout the world.

France is considered one of the strongest nations in Europe. It is also one of the rare, successful nation-states that exist in the world today. These people have a strong identity as the French. This strong sense of identity is linked to the length of time that most of their families have been French citizens for many generations. As one can imagine, this can make it hard for immigrants to adjust and become accepted as true French. An example of this type of

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