The Forest Children: Mbuti Pygmy Tribe Essay

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The Forests Children- Mbuti In our worlds history there has been many different types of cultures that have defined entire races of people. Each of these cultures has shaped communities and people into who we are today. One culture that I would like to discuss is the Mbuti Pygmy tribe. Sometimes called “Bambuti,” they are one of several indigious pygmy groups in Africa who can be compared to the Ju/’hounsi. The Mbuti are considered the truest of the “Pygmies” because their average human height is 5 feet 1 inch. They live in the thick Ituri Rainforest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo called Zaire. They have a population that has never been successfully calculated because no official census has been recorded, but missionaries and …show more content…
Once the animal is killed and gutted for its meat, the meat is divided up and everyone in the group is given a share. When meat is not always accessible, gathering becomes a large part of their food supply. Women gather mostly wild fruits, insects and larvae, roots and shellfish. Other than hunting and gathering, their only other method of gaining food is through trade with villagers. Since villages produce plantation products and other goods such as pots and baskets, which the Mbuti are not able to produce, they must trade. They mainly trade honey and meat but also edible mushrooms and medicinal plants. In the Mbuti social organization they have no main ruler or political organization and only little social structure. Bands are the highest form of organizations and leadership is egalitarian which is represented in their hunting and gathering methods. The only way authority is shown is through hunting treks. In the Mbuti kinship and marriage, they have a patrilineal decent system that is rather loose. It only becomes important when choosing a spouse and rules do apply. A person is not aloud to marry any family on their mother or father’s side and it is frowned upon to marry outside of their age group. In marriage, there is no formal marital ceremony and marriage is considered official once the groom presents the brides parents with an animal he alone killed and once they move into

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