The Forensic Interview Process in the Case of Abused Children or Children Who Have Witnessed a Violent Act

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The forensic interview process happens when children have been abused or witnessed a violent act. “Every year more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States involving more than 6 million children (a report can include multiple children) (National Child Abuse Statistics).” In the United States there are about four to seven children that die every day due to child abuse and neglect (National Child Abuse Statistics). There are many different processes to conduct the interview and a number of steps are followed so children can tell their story accurately. People conducting the interview are supposed to make the child feel comfortable in their environment so they can find out what events happened. The first phase …show more content…
The interviewer will state their name and give a few details about what their job includes. During this time the interviewer will also mention any equipment that will be used. If the interview is being recorded or video-taped then the interviewer will make the child aware. It’s important for the interviewer to build a connection with the child so they will feel more comfortable talking to them. This could include asking about the child’s interests, family members, and school. This phase is vital for the child to become familiar with the environment they are in and familiar with the interviewer (Forensic Interviewing Protocol). The third phase involves maintaining a set of ground rules which helps the child answer questions truthfully. The interviewer asks the child a set of practice questions to give examples of how the child should answer certain questions. The first rule would be to tell the child not to guess the answers to questions and just say I don’t know. “The interviewer will give the child an example such as what is my dog’s name? The interviewer will tell the child its okay to say I don’t know because you don’t know the correct answer (Forensic Interviewing Protocol).” The second rule is to tell the child to let them know if they don’t understand what they are being asked. “The interviewer will give the child an example such as, is my shirt gridelin? (Forensic Interviewing Protocol).” The child will

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