The Federal Government and its Role in the States Essay example

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The federal system is a very complex because it allocates responsibility to state and federal government. Our federal system is one which powers are divided by the central government and state government. They both act directly upon the citizens and must agree with constitutional changes. The division of power among the states and federal government is called federalism. In the past there have been smart president and leader that gave the federal government more power than the states. We have view our country shift powers among the states and central government. The first time we observed the federal government with more power was after the civil war. The southern state had decided to nullify the abolishment of slavery. After the ware …show more content…
Lately, the government has played a bigger role in education. In 1958 the federal government gave money to states to better education, this grant did have many mandates attached. In 2002, Bush passed the No Child Left Behind law that gave a more money to schools but it came with many mandates. For instance, it threatens teacher to lose that job, it told school that if there score did not improve the federal government would not give the more money. This gave the federal government more control over the education system in the United States. The more money they gave to the state, the more power they got. When the federal government gives money away they get power in return. Responsibility among the state and the government are also known as devolution. The federal government takes care of issues like health care, education while states take care of welfare and some aspects of education. The state has to take care of welfare with the money the federal government provides them with. For instance, the cost of living is Colorado are different for the cost of living in California. Therefore the legislators in Colorado know how much money in food stamps they have to give there peoples (same to California). With education, they government steps in because they want to improve the system but state also get involve because the level of education differs in every state. Sometime errors happen,

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