Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Strong National Government

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Some people believe that a strong central government is a more effective way of governance while others believe a stronger state and local government is better. This paper will further explore the advantages and disadvantages of each argument; as well as analyze the role of federal government and state government in the policy area of same sex marriage.
There are several advantages of a strong central government. First of all, a strong federal government is more likely to be more efficient in terms of their legislative body under emergency circumstances. They are more likely to respond to national level economic, military or health crisis in a timely fashion. Secondly, a strong national government can help achieve greater social, political and economical equality among its citizen. Also a strong national government is more likely to make foreign policy decisions that benefit the nation in comparison to a strong state government that prioritized the benefit of the state. A strong national Government can also provide unity among people; it enhances a strong sense of national pride and patriotism.
On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages about
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This is because a state and local government make the citizen feel closer to their elected representative to voice their opinions. Also a strong state government can design policy, according to the local political culture and economic condition that might be more applicable to the local people; therefore the local government might be able to have a better distribution of resources, since they can localize the budget and fully utilized the resources they have. A strong state government is more likely to have better accountability since it is relatively easy to identify which department is held

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