The Evolvement of Information Sharing and Access Essay

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The Evolvement of Information Sharing and Access Today, in the twenty first century, society functions through a digital media and mass production of literature. Universities function through libraries, online classes, and VPN access; medicine is made possible through the production of medical books are around the country, online access to medical research, the ability to share information with a doctor in another state; every part of society functions through the ability to share and access information at a faster rate. Information sharing and access can be seen all throughout history, however the evolvement of this was not heavily seen until the 1300-1400s when the production and desire for books became controversial. In the …show more content…
Society began to realize that “Novels could certainly provide guidance, [and] wisdom…” (Flint, 2001, 28). This realization resulted in desire for books. The want for fictional novels led to need to produce. As the fictional book became more acceptable within society, it became necessary to produce more books and a place to store these. The acceptance of the book led to the birth of the library and man powered labor. However, this was no easy task to tackle. Production of books had to be done by hand and took much effort: “The difficulty of making even one ‘identical’ copy of a significant technical work was such that the task could not be trusted to any hired hands. Men of learning had to engage in ‘slavish copying’ of table, diagrams and unfamiliar terms” (Eisenstein, 1979, 46-47). Men had to work hours upon hours day after day in order to produce a few books: the task was grueling. However, this little production did result in the creation of storage areas for books, which were referred to as libraries. Together, production and libraries allowed for the emergence of faster means: the printing press. Hand written script turned into machinery that produced printed images, which then produced large quantities of novels, which then created the need for more libraries. The ability to print shifted society in great ways from

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