The Evolution of Music through History Essay

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Prehistoric Music categorizes all music that was created in the preliterate age (a period before any cultures had created a system to read and write.)
Because it’s occurrence was prior to recorded history, the origin of music is still unknown; however, some believe that it’s creation was stemmed through the occurrence of natural sounds and rhythms. Humans may have learned to incorporate these natural sounds into their music by using patterns, repetition, or tonality. Even today, many cultures create music that is purposely intended to imitate certain sounds in nature. (For example this type of music is woven into shamanistic beliefs or practices. Another reason this may be used is for practical reasons such as hunting in wildlife.)
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Charles Darwin being one of the people to believe so. However, this continues to be a very debatable topic.

With the preliterate period coming to an end, the prehistoric music era also disappears with it, being replaced by a new era known as the Ancient Music Era (occurring from c. 1200 BCE - 500 CE.) At this point, music is most popular within Greek and Roman societies, and basic musical theory has also been established. Of course, this era also marks the start of recording and musical notation.
As far back as 400 BCE, The great philosopher, Plato, was marveled at the power of music’s way of affecting human character and human emotion. He was quite concerned over the way that music could either degrade or elevate the mind’s of young people. He said, “Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul…” -Plato 400 B.C.E.
The first written song ever to be recorded was found in an ancient city known as Ugarit, in Northern Syria, dating 4,000 years back before the creation of the city itself. It was written in one of the most ancient systems of writing known as the Cuneiform. After being deciphered, the music was shown to have been written in harmonies of thirds and also composed using the Pythagorean tuning system (which is a system of tuning where all the intervals [or differences in two pitches] have the frequency ratio of 3:2. This is also known as

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