The Effects of Peer Pressure Essay

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The Effects of Peer Pressure It happens every single day around the United States, even in my community; another teen succumbs to the temptations all young people face while in high school. Drug and alcohol usage has become an epidemic, primarily due to peer pressure. More than fifty percent of teenagers from ages twelve through twenty have experienced with alcohol at least once in their lives, statistics indicate that adolescences that drink or utilize drugs are more likely to behave in a violent manner. They are more likely to attempted suicide and/or develop problems such as depression and addiction later in life. Peer pressure is unrecognized as one of the leading contributors to this phenomenon. Peer pressure has many negative …show more content…
Your peers can push you to study to pass a test or show positive support to your other friends during a sports event. Acquaintances that are role models can open one’s mind to new possibilities. Often I see my friends make an A+ on a test; I want to be exactly like that! I don’t want to be the only one to fail out of my group of friends. Your friends can give a whole new perception to a situation. Their reactions reflect the person they are. Having a wide variety of friends can show you the positive and negative effects of peer pressure. By surrounding yourself with positive peers, they couldn’t influence you to become a better person. Adopting good habits from your friends can lead you to adopting good happens throughout life. In life, you’re going to have to make choices for yourself that will affect the character that you become. A time will come in life where you have to be mature enough to make a decision and not let others affect the outcome of the situation. Obstacles will come that shape you into the person you are, many influenced by young teenagers. You discover a new you when you become independent from your peers and makes your own choices without being persuaded by others. During the youthful period of life is when teens are mostly encouraged by peers in life. We enjoy being surrounded by those among our own age—our friends. The

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