The Effect of Images Essay

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The Effect of Images

They have been around since man has first inhabited the earth. Plato referred to them as magical imitations. The Old Testament warned followers of the faith of their evil nature and cursed anyone who produced them. Some spend hours in thought over their meanings, while others fear their very existence. No matter what you think, it is almost impossible to deny the power that images posses. From their use in advertising to their use in religion, images wield great power over human behavior and emotions. They can make us feel happy, sad, or angry. They can effect whole groups of people. Currently, the use of American Indian images in sports is being debated by many. Apparently native Americans have
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Though the story is completely fictional, it is both chilling and frightening. The advertisement poster does a very good job of conveying this horror to possible viewers. There is an eerie feeling that you get when you view this poster. A grainy, distorted, and murky picture of a dense forest with a red hue occupies most of the page. The picture of the forest fades into black at the bottom of the page. Centered words over the picture read, " In October of 1994 three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland while shooting a documentary…A year later their footage was found." Below this is a unique looking stick figure along with the title of the movie. The words a very plain with no special effects. This helps to emphasize the realistic portrayal of some students disappearing in the woods. The advertisement is effective in its goal of invoking emotion and ultimately making people want to go see the movie. It leaves you in a state of wonder and suspense. You are left asking yourself, "Is this real?" "What happened to these kids?" This advertisement undoubtedly makes a statement, but how effective would the message be if either the words or the picture were absent. It is interesting to separate these elements from one another and analyze their effectiveness alone. Images, by themselves, can be very powerful, and contain a great number of strengths. There

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