The Effect of Advertising on Women's Body Image Essay

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Advertising is always about appearance. It is also about information and what really satisfies people. Undoubtedly that advertisement of woman has been increased dramatically and obviously in such a way that turn out to be an important part of people’s lives. Recently, with advertising developments, there are more and more prospective is shown to the public. It cannot be denied that advertisement consist of negative scenes that shape females identity. Nevertheless, majority of individuals in modern societies deem that, such advertisements can caused so many harmful effects to women gender identity, such as low self-esteem. Also, it can cause depression to the women advertising due to the lack of confidence. Whereas, minority of people …show more content…
There are a lot of skinny women in advertisements which can prove that the media is spotting the lights a lot on how the body of women should be. For such a reason, a lot of women start to think that they can never become like the models shown in advertisements that somehow makes women felling distressed.

This might lead to many eating disorders such as Bulimia, anorexia nervosa and overeating. These kinds of eating chaos are very tough, and are often caused by body image problems. Young people are in war that never ends with body image problems. They often have a reaction that they want to be skinny once seeing posters of models and toned to be accepted in the public. The media made so much stress on encouraging being thin that causes societies to believe that being thin is highly accepted and thin people are much healthier than others. Many women feel a bit disappointed with body image when looking at magazines, movies, or view commercials. For instance, magazines that have skinny girls posted on the cover, makes women especially fats losing their self-confidence.” Indeed, it has been argued that consumerism paradoxically offers women the opportunity to act in consuming goods and images whilst framing these actions in terms which deny any specificity of female identity”. (Radner 1995)

Also, there is another media issue with diet pills advertisements including: nutrition bars and drinks. Advertisements push the sale of diet pills and food

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