Essay on The Differences Between Genders in Slavery

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Through time, there has been many documented differences between men and women how men and women feel different, understandings different, and how many women are undoubtedly different. So now I’m focusing on the difference of African-American men and women during their period of enslavement, according mainly to Henry Bibb. Wrestling with some of the feelings and treatments that each individual gender of slave had to face personally or be a party to thus, through my inquiries. My main statement would be. How do particular burdens affect female and male slaves?

Enslave Men
Men during the time of the slavery were faced with many obstacles and treated with a substandard below even your regular household dog. To truly understand this, let
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The blows are made by kicking, knocking, and butting with their heads; they grab each other by their ears, and jam their heads together like sheep” (Bibb, pg 23).
So excuse my previous statement, which was stated that slave owners consider enslave males dogs they also consider them lower than barnyard animals, not exactly man’s best friend. Though, men had a hard time trying to develop as a man in these harsh conditions of slavery. It was the fact “That the slave is a human being, no one can deny. It is his lot to be exposed in common with other men, to the calamities of sickness, death, and the misfortunes incident to life. But unlike other men, he is denied the consolation of struggling against external difficulties, such as destroy the life, liberty, and happiness of himself and family.” (Bibb, pg 18) and the basis of development for family something a man can call his own and this all starts with a wife.

Enslave Women
Although many of the treatments of enslaved men fell onto enslaved women is a well. But the great equalizer was that the slave owners, overseers, and overall white males would rape enslaved women at will. Why call this the great equalizer because in these cases, these women were made pregnant by these men, and force to carry and care for a child made in “…licentious passions of wicked slave-drivers and overseers…” (Bibb, pg 41). Enslave women became

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