The Development of the American Conservation Movement Essay

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The Development of the American Conservation Movement

John Muir helped the development of the American conservation movement during the late nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century. The creation of the National Park Service, the creation of several major national parks, including Yosemite National Park and the creation of the Sierra Club were all because of John Muir. In the late nineteenth century America was in a stage of expansion and economic development that used as well as threatened much of the natural world. Much of the economic development was in the form of industrialization that took its toll of the environment with both its consumption of natural resources as well pollution. This
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In the book Our National Parks comes a new level of national attention to the protection of national parks. Theodore Roosevelt read the book Our National Parks and meets with John Muir in Yosemite National Park in 1903. The influence of the writings of Muir on the public and the President were large. As John Muir’s said in his book, My First Summer in the Sierra:

“We saw another party of Yosemite tourists to-day. Somehow most of these travelers seem to care but little for the glorious objects about them, though enough to spend time and money and endure long rides to see the famous valley. And when they are fairly within the mighty walls of the temple and hear the psalms of the falls, they will forget themselves and become devout. Blessed, indeed, should be every pilgrim in these holy mountains!” 2

John Muir’s description that nature is compared to a religious shire or even a church is powerful. This is a reflection of the spiritual view that Muir had of nature. Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir both believed that the National Parks could be seen as a form of national cathedral. The national parks could be seen as a place in which all Americans could come and enjoy the beauty of nature and God regardless of who they are. Muir’s meeting with Theodore Roosevelt as well as his writing greatly influenced the progressive advancement in the protection of the American environment. Muir believed that the

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