Essay The Death Penalty is NOT Effective

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The quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body is called life. We as people are entitled to life here on earth. No human being should take the life of another human being. Whether it is by law or done by a heinous crime, killing is still immoral. Some countries have legalized the death penalty as punishment for crimes committed, but how can it be effective? Killing is not justice! The justice system may call it capital punishment but how can one be punished if they are dead? Having the death penalty will not make the crime rates decrease. America as well as every other country will still experience murders, rape, robbery, kidnapping, etc. No country is free from crime therefore having the death …show more content…
The person is place in a chair and electric waves are introduced and the brain is fried. Death by lethal injection consist of harsh chemicals are injected into the human being. Those chemicals are actually given to paralyze the defendant; it also causes the heart to stop pumping releasing no oxygen to the brain. All of the methods are considered to be torture. In the article 5 reasons to oppose the death penalty, 2012 it gives a n example of torture by lethal injection. On December 13, 2006, Angel Nieves Diaz was the victim of a botched execution so terrible that it led Florida’s Republican Governor and death penalty enthusiast Jeb Bush to issue an executive order halting executions in the state. Technicians wrongly inserted the needles carrying the poisons that were to kill Diaz. The caustic chemicals poured into his soft tissues instead of his veins, as intended. This left Diaz struggling and mouthing words in pain for over 34 minutes, when a second set of needles were inserted. The county medical examiner found 12-inch burns inside both of his arms after the execution (No death penalty, 2012, para. 5). This is beyond wrongful death. Torture indeed, this is a moment where people will lower their heads in disgrace of the legal system.
No human being deserves to die. If a person commits a crime he or she should be punished by serving a jail sentence not a death sentence. The main reason I stand against the death penalty is the thought of

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